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Our Space

As you enter the restaurant, you will be greeted by the members of our kitchen staff—a gesture of hospitality borrowed from the Japanese culinary tradition. Centered around an open-concept kitchen in the middle of the dining room, SOMOS is less like a temple to haute cuisine or a molecular gastronomy test kitchen, and more like the cool, eclectic home of Executive Chef Alejandra Espinoza herself.


Our custom Magliano woodfire oven casts a warm glow across the dining room. Hanging plants and living walls bring the outdoors in. Andean-techno remixes set a relaxing mood. Colorful murals by celebrated Ecuadorian artist Apitatan reference our cultural touchstones and the land that provides us our bounty. Every detail is carefully considered to create an atmosphere that keeps food, conversation and human connection at the center.

We’ve also designed SOMOS to be an unofficial showcase for many local artisans. Working with makers from across the country, we feature plates and stoneware from Palo Santo Taller, chairs from LOMÉ, custom patterned tiles from Mosaicos Charlovi, handmade sinks from Barroquema Cerámica and pendant light shades from traditional weavers in ManabÍ.

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